Monday, April 23, 2012

REED LEADS 65 FRESHMAN COLLEAGUES ON TARIFF LETTER; Miscellaneous Tariff Bill will protect American manufacturing jobs

Congressman Tom Reed has lead 65 of his freshman colleagues in sending a letter to House of Representatives leadership supporting the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill (MTB) process.  “The way to build manufacturing jobs in America is to reduce the costs of making goods here in the U.S.,” Reed observed. “The MTB process protects and creates jobs by doing just that.”

Over 600 duty suspension and reduction provisions enacted in the last Congress are set to expire at year’s end and, if allowed to do so, would amount to a tax increase.  The reductions are for products which manufacturers need but cannot obtain domestically. “We must prevent this tax hike that will hurt American manufacturing and jeopardize jobs,” Reed said.

“The MTB has been an important tool for making American manufacturing more competitive for 30 years… given the fragile state of our economic recovery, the MTB remains critical to expanding manufacturing employment,” Reed wrote in the letter.

Upstate New York companies of all sizes, from large manufacturers like Corning, Inc., to small manufacturers such as the Vere Sandal Company of Geneva, utilize the suspensions or reductions granted by MTB to lower the cost of producing goods in the United States.  “Lower domestic production costs protect American jobs and mean lower prices for consumers,” Reed commented.

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