McKean County

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McKean County Commissioners

7 total, 5 full-time, 2 part-time; 7 non-bargaining, non-civil Service (3 Commissioners, Finance Director, County Solicitor, Chief Clerk, Purchasing Director/Administrative Assistant Receptionist)

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. The three-member board of county commissioners constitutes the chief governing body of the county. Statutory authority of the commissioners is both administrative and policy-making. The County Commissioners are vested with selective policy making authority to provide local services and facilities on a county-wide basis. Administrative powers and duties of county commissioners encompass voter registration and elections, assessment of persons and property, human services, emergency management, veterans' affairs, appointment of county personnel and fiscal management. (Manual for County Commissioners-DCED)
2. Finance Director:
Essential Job Functions:
  1. Direct and compile the County budget for each fiscal year. Review with each department head along with the County Administrator their budgets for the year. Make necessary budget adjustments along with the County Administrator to balance the budget.
  2. Manage/direct the Tax Assessment, Tax Claim Bureau and Dept of Human Services fiscal employees totaling 14 personnel.
  3. Responsible for the cash flow of the County.
  4. Prepare the monthly revenue & expenditure summary reports for the County Administrator and Commissioner review.
  5. Approve and classify major County purchases along with the County Administrator.
  6. Review all funding sources to ensure accurate billing from vendors.
  7. Review County expenditures to ensure accurate billing from vendors.
  8. Provide technical assistance to various personnel and departments on special projects and use of specific computer software.
  9. Provide financial advice to County Commissioners
4. The Chief Clerk performs administrative work serving as the County's Chief Administrative Officer. Work includes supervising the activities of the County Commissioners Office on a daily basis, and performing a variety of administrative activities in support of the county functions. The work of the office is completed according to program policy, and state and federal laws, rules, and regulations. Also assists in the Election process.
5. The administrative work of the Commissioners Office is also completed by a Purchasing Director/Administrative Assistant/Receptionist. The duties of the Purchasing Director/Administrative Assistant/Receptionist include posting and balancing of Tax Collectors receipts, handling incoming money and receipts (prior to going to Treasurer's Office), copier billing, in house billing, postage billing, cell phone billing, supply and equipment orders and billing, vehicle, and operator records, equipment purchases, safety committee, and receptionist duties, receiving and directing incoming calls and visitors, providing information to the public, mail preparation and dispatch, and telephone reports and billing services. Also assists in the Election process.

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