Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CONGRESSMAN REED SPONSORS RESOLUTION OF DISAPPROVAL of $1.2 TRILLION IN ADDITIONAL BORROWING; Vows to Keep Borrowing and Spending in Forefront of National Conversation

Congressman Tom Reed is the primary sponsor of House Joint Resolution 98, which would formally disapprove of President Obama’s recent request for an additional $1.2 trillion in borrowing authority.  The national debt is currently $15.2 trillion. The President’s request would raise it to $16.4 trillion.

“I am pleased to offer this resolution to disapprove the additional borrowing. Stopping the endless borrowing on the backs of our children and grandchildren is why I ran for Congress in the first place,” Reed explained.

“This resolution keeps the government’s spending problem in the forefront of our conversation and demonstrates that we in the House are committed to ending the decades-old borrowing and spending mentality in Washington,” Reed continued. “Many want this issue swept under the rug until after Election Day. We will not let that happen.”

Reed observed that each adult and child in America now has a forty-eight thousand dollar share of the national debt. “We have a responsibility to future generations to take immediate action,” he said. “We cannot continue compromising our children and grandchildren’s future so that we can spend money today. Enough is enough.”
The House is expected to take action on the resolution on Wednesday. 

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