Sunday, October 16, 2011

Olean Radio Stations Swap Frequencies

Olean, NY-- WBYB “Big Bob” and WVTT NewsRadio are swapping their Olean frequencies (96.7FM and 99.1FM) effective Wednesday morning, October 19, 2011. Currently, Big Bob operates on 95.3 in Smethport, PA and 96.7 in Olean, NY and WVTT NewsRadio operates on 103.9 in Kane, PA and 99.1 in Olean, NY. However, beginning October 19th, Big Bob will operate on 95.3 and 99.1 while WVTT NewsRadio will operate on 103.9 and 96.7.
“While most local stations seem to be comfortable never changing, CRG is just the opposite,” said Jeff Andrulonis, President and CEO of Colonial Radio Group (CRG), which owns the radio stations. He added, “when I see an opportunity to improve and better our programming, I jump on it.” The request to swap frequencies was approved by the Federal Communications Commission effective for Wednesday, October 19, 2011.
     Andrulonis said two national power house talk show hosts are expected to be added to the line up on WVTT in the next few months. According to Andrulonis, “this gets really technical and complicated so let me make it easy…in order the make the changes I want to and bring these syndicated hosts on board and to continue to improve our programming, I needed to swap channels with Big Bob and ‘VTT.”  Earlier this month, CRG brought three cameras to its studios and put its WVTT morning news show on WONS-TV in Olean (Time Warner cable 15).
     Andrulonis and his wife Christy live in Smethport. They also own The Mountain / 106.3 WXMT and Olean’s 98.7 and Olean’s Fox Sports Radio 93.9FM. Andrulonis concluded by saying “I’ll never be happy just being…routine. I expect more-I want more and so should our listeners.”

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