Friday, September 23, 2011


“I cast my vote last night in favor of the Continuing Resolution (CR) due to the fact that even with the inclusion of necessary disaster relief, this resolution spends taxpayer dollars at a lower level in FY2012 than in FY2011. While I would have preferred deeper cuts, the CR nonetheless moves the ball forward once again in terms of less government spending.

The CR that passed the House also will ensure that we avoid a government shutdown on September 30. As I have said before, our goal is to cut spending and reduce the size of government, not to shut it down.  Unfortunately, this CR is necessary because the Senate has not only failed to pass a budget for the year, but has failed to vote on all but just one of twelve necessary appropriations bills for FY2012.
This CR lowers spending, provides needed disaster relief and keeps the government operating.  It also pays for the additional disaster spending without additional borrowing to force the future generations to pay for it – that in and of itself represents a change in thinking in Washington.  It also ensures that taxpayers don’t pay for another Solyndra as it rescinds $100 million from the Solyndra spending account.
Passing this CR is the responsible thing to do.  I call on the Senate to approve it without delay to ensure that our government keeps operating and that disaster aid reaches those who need it.”

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