Tuesday, October 2, 2012

East State Street Construction's Effect on Local Businesses

Before East State St. construction was approved this past summer, there was some major concern that local businesses would be affected, but just how much of an impact has the project had?  According to Napoli’s Pizza and Poolmart, their businesses haven't been affected too badly despite being located in the heart of the East State St. construction. Owner of Napoli’s Anthony Procacci said his Italian restaurant has been impacted by the construction, but that his customers have been understanding about the situation. Store manager at Poolmart Scott Bray said they have gone as far as to make other arrangements with their customers so they continue to get the items that they need. Other local businesses, including Poolmart, have resorted to advertising back entrances and parking lots so Olean residents know they are still open. 

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  1. How about you go little farther down the road. I know Worth W Smith has been hit extremely hard