Thursday, June 21, 2012

Olean Man Haunted by Ghostly Subjects After Trip To "Haunted" Hinsdale House

The alleged “haunted” Hinsdale house has possibly changed one man’s photos forever after a picture he took showed some unexpected subjects. Now Jim Kelly of Olean is seeking out advice from famous psychic and medium Sylvia Browne. Kelly took pictures of the house on his Trac phone after he heard rumors that the house was going to be demolished. Since then he says spirits, orbs and other unexplained images show up in most of his photos and have also shown up in his house. Kelly said he isn’t afraid of the spirits, but he wants answers as to why they keep showing up.  He and his wife plan to attend Ms. Browne’s show when she visits the Seneca Allegany Casino on June 30th


  1. Sylvia Brown Was at the cassino in salamanca. I didn't go (even though i would have loved too.) I wished it would have seen this before. So I could have told you. Sorry. I beleave it was in july. or around that time. We live in olean too. And we have some weird things happening at our house. Such as we hear footsteps walking up our too our doors. But, nobody knocks. And also just today we heard something up in our attic. But, It is closed off to the point that nobody can go up the. We had friends over who claimed that they saw a shadow in our living room. When i am home alone i hear footsteps. Couldn't see anything. But, I never actually seen anything. When i lived in little valley, There was a half barn and half house. the at the very end of the road there was another barn seperate from the house. And, the was a rumar that some guy had hung himself in it. And, I never seen anything strange there. Only heard some as plain as day call my name. It sound like my mom. But, when i went too see what she wanted, only to find out that i was the only one in the house. When I was Nine my family moved from kentucky to new york I believe it was in 1993 0r 1994. Even though i never seen anything in the house. My mom said that she had heard footsteps walking past our room straight to my moms room at the foot of he bed and stopped. That was in Randolph ny. And it made me laugh when my mom said that her boyfriend jumped out of bed just to flip on the lights.I think whatever it was didn't like her boyfriend and whoever it was, was protecting us. Because, her boyfriend we a real jerk. He was the devil in my eyes. A very bad man. He wasn't our dad. But, h would beat us and later did other bad things to me. Later on out found out that the that house was my moms Great aun't. I didn't know it at the time. But, now that i look back on it that is why i Think that is who was trying to protect us.

  2. OMG! I just re read this now that i have published it. My nosie Boyfriend keeped interupting me by asking me who i was talking too. So many times that I messed up. I also blame my self because i should have read it before publing it. DUh!