Thursday, May 17, 2012

Drouin is Sentenced to Maximum Prison Time

The case revolving around Robin Drouin is now closed. Earlier this morning Robin Doruin was given a maximum sentence for her roll in the car accident that killed 11 year old Cheyenne Wolfer. Julie Wolfer, Chyanne’s mother told WVTT that she was ecstatic that Drouin is paying for what she did. Wolfer held up the hairties that were in her daughters hair the night she was killed and said she wanted Drouin to have them to remind her every day of the loss she has caused their family. When Drouin herd the sentence of 2 and one third to 7 years for vehicular manslauter in the 2nd degree and 1 and one third  to 4 years for criminally negligent homicide she put her head on the table in front of her and started to cry. Those close to Drouin say that they feel for the Wolfer family but they will continue to support Drouin. 

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