Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Operation Hang Up in WNY

April 23rd through 29th - Troopers will be looking for distracted drivers.

Major Christopher L. Cummings
Troop A Commander

“Distracted driving is one of the most serious dangers on our roadways today,” said Major Christopher L. Cummings, Troop “A” Commander. “Through enforcement efforts, we, the law enforcement community, hope that motorists will become even more aware of the potential consequences of their actions if they use a cell phone while driving. There have been a number of serious crashes and fatal crashes in our region so far this Spring. Needlessly too many families are forced to suffer the trauma of dealing with such results. Our focus, our goal, our mission, is to prevent these senseless crashes from occurring”.
In New York State, it’s estimated that driver distraction is a contributing factor in at least one out of five crashes. These statistics generally are focused on the use of electronic devices. However, its common sense to realize that any distraction while operating a car, truck, or motorcycle can have devastating results. Each year over 300,000 tickets are issued statewide for cell phone violations alone. With the recent change to include “texting” as a primary offense the number if tickets issued for cell phone use has increased statewide. 2011 saw more than 30,000 deaths nationwide in vehicle crashes. Sadly, the vast majority of vehicle crashes are preventable.
“Distracted driving is the foundational cause of the majority of crashes. By focusing on this aspect of driver behavior, we hope to decrease the number of needless deaths, injuries, and tragically impacted lives," Cummings added.
The State Police in WNY, through educational and enforcement efforts, hope to see these numbers decrease as awareness of the dangers of distracted driving is brought to the attention of the public.
The week of April 23 – April 29, 2012, is “Operation Hang Up” for the New York State Police. Troopers will be out in force throughout Western New York on both the expressways and normal roadways focusing on distracted driving violations.

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