Monday, February 13, 2012

Sandusky can see grandkids...leave house. Judge Cleland also says the jury WILL come from Centre County

Jerry Sandusky can see some of his grandchildren and does not have to remain physically inside his home....that ruling this morning from John Cleland. The 68-year old former assistant Penn State football coach stands accused of sexually assaulting ten boys. Under Cleland’s order, Sandusky will be able to see his grandchildren at his home provided a parent is in attendance at all times. Sandusky will also be able to talk to them on the telephone, exchange emails or video chat through the computer. Further, the judge ordered that Sandusky can leave his home to meet with his attorney as long as probation has 36-hours advance notice. As for the trial itself…Judge Cleland denied prosecutors' request to select a jury from outside Centre County because the Attorney General's office had not proved a Centre County jury could not be impartial.

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