Friday, February 17, 2012

Olean to close two schools by June

When the new academic year begins in Olean, the district will operate with two fewer elementary schools…part of a plan to reduce a multi-million budget deficit. By a 7-2 vote Thursday night, the school board agreed to close Boardmanville and Ivers J. Norton elementary.  And if 60% of district voters approve, East View and Washington West will close by the 2014/15 school year. (According to WVTT’S Dan Michael)…Voters will first need to support a capital project in order to close the last two…it all leads to a single Olean campus in just a few years. Other cost savings measures include freezing wages, two day staff furloughs and reducing the scope of programs offered. Board member Laurie Branch said the district can’t be served if it can’t open its doors. A spokesperson for the Olean Teachers Association said last night it’s time to stop playing games with the children’s future.

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