Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Allegany County man drives through State Police road block - sent to state prison

An Allegany County man was sent to prison this morning. 31-year old Mitchel Hinckley, 7272 East Hill Road, Caneadea, admitted in court that on September 3rd, he committed a felony by accelerating his car, speeding through a stationary DWI road check on state route 243...narrowly missing several Troopers standing there. Hinckly, a registered sex offender, was on probation at the time for his 2009 conviction for failing to register his address with the state.  Judge Thomas Brown sentenced the man to 2-4 years for Reckless Endangerment and 1 1/3-4 years for Violating Probation...the sentences to run concurrently. No troopers were injured in the September incident. Originally, Hinckley had been charged with Felony Reckless Endangerment, Reckless Driving and Unlawfully fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle.

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