Tuesday, December 20, 2011


KANE, PA - Herd Racing is proud to announce that BRL Solutions will sponsor
the team’s 2012 tunnel boat racing efforts, the team and company jointly announced
on December 14.

The Kane, PA-based company will be an associate sponsor on both the team’s
Formula 2 and Formula 3 race boats throughout the 2012 racing campaign and has been
named the team’s “Official Lubricant Provider” for the 2012 season.

“We are extremely excited to announce our new relationship with BRL Solutions
and appreciate the confidence they have shown in Herd Racing by choosing us
to be the exclusive racing sponsorship that they will use to promote their product
to the public,” said Herd Racing’s President Dana Tomes. “We have tested the BRL
product in the race shop and it is the type of product we feel honored to represent
and be part of.”

BRL produces an aerosol-based lubricant which has almost limitless uses.
The non-flammable, biodegradable and environmentally-friendly spray lubricates metals,
breaks loose rust and eliminates squeaks without harming the environment, and
without the harsh solvent smell of other common brands.

“The fact that BRL is environmentally friendly is important to us, being
that we will be using the lubricant in a marine environment,” Tomes said. “Being
able to use a product that won’t create a sheen on the water or hurt the marine environment,
but will still do the job we need, is an added plus to this relationship.”

As part of the year-long sponsorship agreement, BRL will provide Herd Racing
with a generous supply of the company’s product to use in the race shop, at
race events and to distribute to other potential users as samples.

“BRL is extremely excited to sponsor Herd Racing for the 2012 season,” said
Dan Howard, VP of Business Development for BRL. “We have successfully completed
our local test markets for this new product and Herd Racing will allow us to penetrate
the marine market very effectively.”

BRL also serves the automotive, residential, industrial and agricultural

Herd Racing will display the BRL product logos on both its Formula 2 and
Formula 3 race boats in 2012, as well as advertise the company’s product on it’s
website, www.herdracing.com. The team will also lend its name and images to BRL
during the sponsorship period to be included in BRL’s nationwide advertising campaign.
For more information about BRL or to find out where you can purchase the
product for yourself you can visit the company’s website at www.brl-usa.com.

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