Saturday, December 10, 2011

148 extreme weather records set in Pennsylvania in 2011

The National Resources Defense Council, an environmental advocacy group, reported today that 148 extreme weather records were set in Pennsylvania in 2011.

They include 55 rainfall records, 49 snowfall records and 44 heat-related records.

The National Resources Defense Council found that the extreme weather situations affected 43 Pennsylvania counties, which make up 64 percent of the state.

Nationwide, 2,941 extreme weather records were broken monthly. Damage from these weather extremes cost an estimated $53 billion in 2011.

The Northeast, the Midwest, and the majority of Texas were hit the hardest by extreme weather.

Notable extreme weather conditions from 2011 include Hurricane Irene, which ravaged the Eastern Seaboard in late August, and a series of droughts, heat waves and wildfires in the Southwest.

The National Resources Defense Council predicts that the extreme weather will continue due to climate change.

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