Monday, November 21, 2011

The Kane Area High School Competition Cheerleading team participated in the Pennsylvania State Cheerleading Championships this past weekend at the Kovalchick Complex on the campus of the Indiana State University in Indiana, PA.  The team participated in the Small Varsity Division and finished in 8th place in the division.  This was the first competition of the season for the team and they went out there and put their best on the floor. 

Coach Niklaus Comments:  I am extremely proud of this team.  They have been working very hard over the last week to make a routine we could take on the floor.  We only had our entire team there two days out of the past week for practice due to sickness and injury.  For them to go out there and put a championship caliber routine on the floor through adversity is amazing to me.  We had two of our stunts not make it up and fall, but everyone kept on going.  We are doing a much more difficult routine than in the past several seasons.  It will take us a couple months to get in rhythm and have the stamina to make it through the routine.  This is a routine that will build and change every time we go out on the floor and they get stronger.  Our ultimate goal is to do well at Cheer LTD Nationals in Myrtle Beach, SC in March and our routine is built around the scoring there.  We hope we will get credit in the local circuit this season for the things we are doing, but as always, our team will be positive and entertain the crowd.  Our next time in action is on December 3 in St. Marys, PA.

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