Friday, October 5, 2012

Dal-Tile Company Shutting Down In Olean

174 people will go to work today at Dal-Tile knowing that they will be out of a job in two months. Dal-Tile made the announcement yesterday that they are shutting down the Olean plant and beefing up the Gettysburg plant in Pennsylvania. The tile plant has been a staple in the Olean area for years. A press conference was held in Dallas, Texas yesterday afternoon about the fate of Olean’s Dal-tile Company. The company has decided to close its Olean location and consolidate and expand operations into Gettysburg, P.A. Approximately 64 positions will be added in Gettysburg, leaving nearly 174 people jobless by the end of January 2013. 
 President of Dal-Tile John Turner Jr. said, “Though made with careful consideration, declining demand for this type of tile and our excess production capacity necessitated our decision to close the Olean facility. It was an extremely difficult decision given our employees and history at the site. However, our manufacturing operations at Gettysburg provide the capacity, flexibility and cost effectiveness that we require to meet customer needs.” The company notified their employees in Olean and Gettysburg earlier this morning. Dal-Tile is the largest manufacturer of ceramic tile and natural stone products across North America.

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