Monday, August 6, 2012

Seneca Nation and NYS Still in Dispute over Money to Fix Roadways and Bridges

The Seneca Nation is not backing down when it comes to working with New York State on resolving some serious issues.  A representative from the Seneca Nation confronted the commissioner of the State Department of Transportation on the Southern Tier on Thursday. The fuel sparking this disagreement is dollars, tens of millions of dollars to be exact; money that the state wants to use to make repairs to bridges and roadways. Right now that money isn’t moving and time is running out. According to Congressman Tom Reed, the condition of I-86 needs to be addressed immediately, and the delay just means this valuable time during construction season is being wasted. Reed was pleased by Thursday's recognition from the New York State Department of Transportation that the condition of I-86 is hazardous and needs to be fixed, saying that work must begin as soon as possible to mitigate the safety threats faced by motorists who use I-86. The Congressman also pointed out that the state has chosen to tie an unrelated issue, a disagreement over gaming revenues, to the reconstruction of the highway. He said that is a separate issue and, for the state to jeopardize the safety of drivers because of money is very troubling.

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