Friday, August 17, 2012

More Charges for a Ridgway Man Already Facing Attempted Homicide Charges

A recent search of a property in Ridgway Township may mean more charges for a Ridgway man already facing attempted homicide charges. When police searched the property of 54 year old Francis "Tony" Millard they turned up explosives, firearms and other items they believe were used in several crimes. Millard is being held in the Jefferston County Jail on Felony charges in connection with the beating of a Ridgway man back in June of 2011. Investigators also say they found marijuana growing on the property as well. A Cadillac on the property was impounded and police will look it over for possible evidence related to the alledged beating of Todd Asti which police say occured over a drug deal. Millard has a hearing in two weeks on the prior charges.

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