Thursday, August 9, 2012

DOH Cracking Down on Use of Bath Salts

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced Tuesday that the New York State Department of Health, known as the DOH, has issued new regulations to crack down on the increasingly widespread use of bath salts and other synthetic drugs. These new regulations, will add dozens of new substances used to manufacture bath salts to the ever-growing list of prohibited drugs and chemicals. These regulations have been established to better ensure that distributors can no longer skirt the law by simply modifying the drug's ingredients. The regulations will increase the criminal J: penalties for those who violate the rules. Violators will face fines up to $500 and potentially up to 15 days in jail. According to Governor Cuomo, bath salts and other synthetic drugs pose a direct, serious threat to public health and safety, adding that he will do everything he can to remove these harmful substances from sale and distribution in New York.

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