Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Zippo Celebrates 500 Millionth Lighter

Yesterday Zippo, the Bradford based company that manufactures the “wind proof” lighter, celebrated the making of it’s 500 millionth Zippo lighter.  Media from all over the world came to see history in the making. Zippo has been around for 80 years and has employed thousands of people over that time span. The 500 millionth lighter made it off the assembly line just in time for the birthday of the late George Blaisdell, who founded the Zippo company. Current Zippo Company owner George Duke, who also happens to be Blaisdell’s grandson, said that they had to do some manipulating of the manufacturing so they could ensure what day the 500 millionth lighter would be made.  Duke also mentioned to WVTT’s Alexa Olson, who was in Bradford yesterday, that his grandfather counted every lighter that he ever made and that this was a family tradition. Zippo currently has three generations of descendants of Blaisdell working there, and hopes three more generations will follow.

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