Friday, May 4, 2012

Olean General Hospital Seeing an Increase in Drug Addicted Babies

By Alexa Olson, WVTT News Radio

More and more babies are showing signs of drug addiction according to a recent study put out by the Journal of American Medical Association. WVTT traveled over to the Hospital to see if Olean is seeing this increase as well.
The rate of babies born with signs of drug withdrawal has tripled in the last ten years.  Karen McGovern Graham who is the OB Manager at Olean General Hospital says that have seen a rise in the number of babies born with symptoms. Graham informed us that there are list of guidelines that her nurses follow if they have an infant showing signs of withdrawal. There is a small NIQUE unit at Olean General Hospital but Graham says that if they do have sick babies they send them to a higher level of care facility. 

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