Friday, April 20, 2012

Roulette Township Line Flushing Update

The township employees performed the scheduled line flushing last night and were able to get the main distribution system flushed prior to the announced completion time of 5AM this morning.

They did not however, get to some of the smaller lines through town and did not want to interfere with anyone’s morning routine.

They will be out again on Thursday 04/26/2012 in the late morning to early afternoon hours finishing those remaining lines. The impacts will be minimal to most and very brief in duration.

The customers living along the following roadways will be affected the most by this additional flushing.

Cow Hollow Road, east of Hester Avenue.
Fourth Street
Brophy Avenue
Pine Lane
Oak Lane
Ash Lane
Creekside Drive
Horseshoe Court Drive
Gordon Lane
Pfeiffer St.

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