Saturday, February 11, 2012

Robbery outside Olean Center mall

It happened as Colonial Radio and WVTT employee's were setting up for an event at the Olean mall just before 1pm Friday. There were screams for help...then a fire alarm sounded...but when the fire department arrived, they didn't discover a fire but rather a Bradford man who had been robbed in the parking lot. Apparently, the fire alarm had been pulled as a cry for help.
     After a quick response, Olean police arrested 27-year old Ivan Williams and 23-year old Thomas Washington, both of Olean. Police charged both men with second degree robbery and assault. Police said Williams allegedly restrained the man while Washington hit him and robbed him. Arraigned in city court, both men were jailed...bail for Williams set at $5,000 while Washington was ordered held on $15,000 cash. 

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