Friday, February 3, 2012


A recently completed project at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford more than triples the speed of its Internet connection from 90 megabits per second to 300 megabits per second.
            The new 300 megabit facility can deliver as much information as 35 small novels or hundreds to thousands of photographs each second.
            “The quality of media has gotten better,” explained Don Lewicki, director of computing, telecommunications and media services and associate professor of business management. But better means larger, and a community of people using video and downloading other large files means that more bandwidth was needed.
            “The increase in speed ensures that our students have every opportunity to get their academic work done,” he said.
            The advance of cloud computing, or central storing of information on the Internet instead of on individual computers, as well as use of mobile devices will continue to drive the demand for more bandwidth, Lewicki said.
            “Our newest upgrade positions us well for now, and we’re always trying to stay a step ahead,” Lewicki said.
            The recent upgrade was performed by the University of Pittsburgh Computing Services and Systems Development department.
            Pitt-Bradford will also undertake a project to upgrade its local area network over the next three summers, Lewicki said.

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