Saturday, February 18, 2012

Elmira Taser incident

Opinions were mixed Friday near Columbia and West First streets in Elmira, a day after city police said they used a Taser on a woman in an effort to prevent her from swallowing evidence from a suspected drug purchase. City police had watched the woman enter and leave a house located near Columbia and West First streets that was under observation as a suspected crack house. Police believed the woman to be in possession of narcotics and initiated a traffic stop. The woman stopped her car, but officers saw her put something in her mouth.

The video shows the woman after she exited the vehicle. She is surrounded by six police officers, who repeatedly order her to spit out what she'd placed in her mouth. When she refused, and the officers were unable to forcibly remove the objects from her mouth, they used a Taser on her to get her to comply.

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