Thursday, February 9, 2012

St. Bonaventure University Dining Services/ARAMARK launch new spring dining options ...Do they they deliver??

When  St. Bonaventure University students return to campus from winter break, they won’t have to go far to find their favorite home-cooked meals served with a side of culinary creativity. St. Bonaventure University Dining Services/ARAMARK will offer new menus featuring international flavors and more seafood, vegan and vegetarian entrees.

As a result of student focus groups conducted on campus and feedback from DiningStyles™, ARAMARK’s proprietary research, ARAMARK chefs have cooked up unique and exciting meals that turn everyday favorites into culinary attractions, as well as integrated healthy choices with flavors and influences from around the world.

The spring menus feature more than 100 new entrees and side dishes, including Moroccan Vegetable Stew, Chicken Honey Lettuce Wraps, Szechuan Tofu and Turkey Harira, all prepared and presented in creative ways.

“Based on our students’ feedback, we are excited to introduce new international flavors and creative twists on traditional student favorites, as well as more seafood, vegan and vegetarian options,” said Andy Kirtz, executive chef with St. Bonaventure Dining Services. “The new spring menu features many fun, tasty foods that also allow students to customize their culinary experience.”

Highlights of the new menus include:
• Moroccan Vegetable Stew: This hot stew features a medley of delicious vegetables topped with shredded carrots and served alongside a healthy heaping of couscous.
• Chicken Honey Lettuce Wrap: A twist on a traditional favorite, lettuce leaves serve as the “wrap” to hold the chicken and tortilla strips, which are drizzled with honey mustard.
• Falafel on Pita: The recipe features falafel served atop a warm pita with a choice of vegetables, assembled as students watch.
• Beef on Weck Pizza – a regional favorite with a twist. Instead of the traditional beef on a kemmelweck roll it the same ingredients on a pizza crust.
• Veggie Curry: Vegetarians can enjoy curry—a traditional Indian cuisine—featuring a variety of freshly cooked vegetables.
• Your Way Fried Rice: Selecting their favorite vegetables and a choice of protein, students are able to customize their fried rice and watch as it is prepared. Chopsticks and a fortune cookie complete the dish!
• Vegetarian Chili Baked Potato: Served in a large mug, this vegetarian chili features diced potatoes and is completed with the student’s choice of chopped green onions, shredded cheese or crunchy chips.
• Baked Fish Bruschetta: This flaky white fish is covered with seasoned panko crumbs and topped with fresh plum tomatoes, diced onions and a chiffonade of freshly cut basil.
• Grilled Vegetable and Hummus Wrap: The wrap combines grilled vegetables layered in a tortilla shell, coated with a smear of hummus and topped with crisp arugula, diced plum tomatoes and diced red onion.
• Szechuan Tofu: A delicious vegetarian choice, the grilled tofu is combined with spicy Szechuan vegetables for the perfect meal.
• Vegetable Linguine: Tasty linguine is combined with fresh Alfredo sauce and a variety of fresh, local vegetables.

In addition to the new recipes, ARAMARK has added on some old favorites. These include Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches, Pierogi Station and a Garbage Plate, which is a local favorite that consists of Hamburger Patties, American Cheese, Macaroni Salad, Fried Potatoes, Diced Onions topped with homemade Chili Sauce. 

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  1. New food does not improve the quality of the chefs that you can hire for minimum wage. If the ppl making the food are underpaid highly qualified ppl will go elsewhere and food quality will lack no matter what dishes are served. That is what aramark and bonas fail to realize