Wednesday, January 25, 2012


The President’s stated goal of creating an economy where everyone has the same opportunity and everyone plays by the same rules is one that I share. Too often, Washington picks winners and losers through an unfair tax code and punitive regulations which have a disproportionately negative impact on small businesses.

I will anxiously await specifics on what the President suggests we can do to create an economy where hard work is rewarded and success comes as a result of individual initiative and innovation.

We didn’t hear much about accountability. No specifics about encouraging private sector job growth or why the President felt that the jobs which would have been created by the Keystone Pipeline weren’t in the national interest. I was pleased to see the acknowledgment of the potential of shale gas to provide clean domestic energy.

I hope that the President truly meant it when he said he is open to working with Congress. I have personally attempted to work with the White House and in fact led a group of Members of Congress to the White House to try to meet with the President to no avail.

The imaginations of young entrepreneurs must be encouraged rather than discouraged by government . The United States has the best workers and I agree that our best days are ahead if we can get government out of the way.

No more excuses. We can prevent a future full of debt, doubt and decline. I hope that the President can put short-term politics behind and join us in building a better economy for our children and grandchildren.

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