Thursday, January 12, 2012

CONGRESSMAN REED MEETS WITH AGRICULTURE ADVISORY COUNCIL; 39 Members Represent Each County of the 29th Congressional District

Congressman Tom Reed met this morning with his Agriculture Advisory Council in Bath.  The 39 members of the council represented all eight counties of the 29th Congressional district and a wide variety of agricultural expertise.  The members, almost all of whom are active farmers, were selected based upon their experience, expertise, unique skills and outstanding contributions to the Upstate New York agriculture community.

“Our farms form the backbone of the upstate economy,” Reed observed. “Over the last year, I have visited many farms of all types and sizes and hearing directly from those working the farms everyday has given me valuable insight into the challenges our farmers face. Today is another opportunity to listen to farmers.”

Reed has been actively working to restrain the EPA in regard to its proposals concerning new Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load requirements and he successfully helped force the EPA to abort its efforts to regulate milk spills and farm dust.  

Additional topics included crop insurance, dairy program reform and tax reform. “It sounds simple, but we have to give our farmers the freedom to farm,” Reed said. “We produce some of the finest agriculture products in the world right here in the 29th District and we need to keep Washington out of the way so this tradition can continue.”  

Reed will also convene healthcare, manufacturing, natural resources, law enforcement, veteran affairs, and education advisory councils in 2012.    

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