Saturday, December 10, 2011

Armed stand off in McKean County. Major police response

State police in Kane have confirmed to WVTT news radio that there is an armed stand off near Ormsby. One man has barricaded himself inside a home. Law enforcement from in and outside of McKean County has responded including the state police special response team. Troopers have confirmed that as of 7:30pm, there have not been any injuries. WVTT mobile news unit #3 tells us some roads in the area have been closed.
State police say they'll release additional information as appropriate.

Update posted on this site Sunday:

An armed stand off in McKean County ended early today. Scores of troopers surrounded a home at 5737 Route 646 in Keating Township. Roads were closed and after hours of negotiations, a State Police Special Emergency Response Team fired tear gas into the home. After a brief period, 27-year old Simon Peter Heffner surrendered. Just hours ago, he was jailed on $100,000 bail.

Prior to the arrival of troopers, Heffner had argued with his father, injuring him.

Click here for the police report

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  1. Is there any follow-up on this story? I'm trying to find out why the State Police found it necessary to block the roads 5 miles from the scene. appears to be a substantial overkill which unnecessarily affected people who couldn't get to their residence.