Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Allegany County - Three students charged at Genesee Valley school

Allegany County Sheriff Rick Whitney reports that following an investigation into a drug related incident at the Genesee Valley Central School, Investigators from the Sheriff’s Office, with the assistance and support of school administration, arrested three students for Reckless Endangerment in the 2nd Degree. Reckless Endangerment is defined in statue as conduct which creates a substantial risk of serious physical injury

The Charges stem from an incident on November 17th where a 17 year old Genesee Valley student that attends Elm Street Academy in Cuba, brought to school several non-narcotic prescription pills.  It is believed that this student placed at least 1 pill in the soda of another student shortly after breakfast at Genesee Valley. That soda was discarded a short time later when the student determined it was tainted.

The student that brought the pills to school also passed at least one pill to another 17 year old student on a bus in route to the B.O.C.E.S Vocational Center in Belmont. This second student then passed half of that pill to a 15 year old student during lunch at the Genesee Valley campus. The 15 year old student in turn placed pieces of the pill into a bottle of drinking water belonging to another student. That student did not consume the drinking water and the bottle containing the water has been seized by the Sheriff’s Office for testing.

The 15 year old was arrested with his case being sent to the Allegany County Probation department for intake into the Family Court system.

Both 17 year old students were arrested, processed and issued Appearance Tickets for the Town of Amity Court. Reappearance dates are set for the beginning to 2012.

The Sheriff would like to take this opportunity to express the need for parents to talk to their children about drugs, both illegal and those bought in local pharmacies and convenience stores.  Drugs of all types, when used incorrectly, can cause ill effects and potentially threaten the health and welfare of those that the drug is not intended for.  Sheriff Whitney encourages everyone to lock all medications in a safe place and discard all unused medications at area Pill Drops or bring them to the Sheriff’s Office where they can be discarded without question.                 

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