Saturday, November 26, 2011

Troopers warn public of scam directed at the elderly

The New York State Police want to remind people throughout the year and especially during the holiday season to be very cautious of telemarketer and on-line fraudulent activity. During the holiday season there are many legitimate worthy causes seeking contributions. Unfortunately there will always be criminals trying to take advantage of peoples kindness and generosity. Prior to making any donation or gift, verify the information.
Another fraud that has been reported time after time and just appeared again is geared at the elderly. The grandparent will get a call from aperson pretending to be in trouble or in jail, needing money wired to get them out of trouble or jail. The caller will even appear to have a legitimate reason for grandma or grandpa not to tell mom or dad because it would upset them too much or I want to tell them face to face. And of course that generation thinks admirably of their grandchild for wanting to own up to what they have done face to face rather than over the phone, so the grandparents believe it.
Recently an elderly couple wired $9,000 cash to what they thought was their grandson. A day later they found their grandson of course was fine and was never in any kind of trouble.
Anyone who may have received any phone calls that sound like this, is asked to call the State Police.

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