Sunday, November 20, 2011

Owner of plane grateful everyone survived

By: Jennifer Mobilia, YNN
More on Thursday’s plane crash in Potter County…
The three passengers on board that aircraft all work for an Orchard Park Company called Applied Fabric Technologies. The president of that company, Peter Lane, is also the owner of the aircraft. He's been out of town all week, but he did speak to YNN over the phone.
"He did a fabulous job yesterday. I can’t say anything better. He said he was sorry about the airplane and I said don't be sorry about the airplane, I'm thrilled to death that you’re all alive and not seriously injured," said Lane.

Lane praised the efforts of his 62-year-old friend and pilot Tom Anticola.
"I'm the owner, normally I fly it, but if I'm not around he's qualified, he's well more than qualified than I am. He's a flight instructor and airline transport pilot rated,” said Lane.

Lane says Anticola was flying three of his employees back to Buffalo Thursday following a job in Wilmington, Delaware.

"All we know is that both engines quit,” said Lane.
Pennsylvania State Police have identified the passengers onboard Lane's aircraft as 51-year-old Keith Zittel of Niagara Falls, 47-year-old David Kennedy of Hamburg, and 44- year-old Paul Seegar of North Tonowanda.
Everyone on board has been treated and released at various hospitals, with the exception of David Kennedy. Lane says Kennedy suffered smoke inhalation and is expected to be released sometime Saturday from ECMC.

"The fact that tom was able to put it on the ground at a speed slow enough so that it didn't demolish the airplane, it gave them an opportunity to survive and that's really what good piloting is all about,” said Lane.
Lane says the plane is a total loss, but he's not worried.
"It's not the end of the world. The end of the world would be losing four friends and employees."
Lane says what is troubling to him is why both engines failed. That's something the NTSB is investigating.

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