Friday, September 23, 2011

Electronic music artists to perform at Alfred University’s Harder Hall

ALFRED, NY, September 2011 — Artists Keith Rowe and Kjell Bjørgeengen will conduct a live electronic music performance in the main lobby space of Harder Hall, Alfred University on Thursday, Sept. 29, 2011 from 8-9 p.m. The event is free and open to the public.
Rowe and Bjørgeengen will be artists-in-residence at the Institute for Electronic Arts from Sept. 26 to Sept. 30, producing digital prints of scores as well as sound and performance work.
Rowe is a free improvisation tabletop guitarist and painter from Plymouth, England. After beginning his career as a traditional jazz guitarist, Rowe established his own unconventional guitar technique, which involves laying the guitar flat and manipulating the strings, body and pickup in unorthodox ways to produce his unique sound. Rowe has worked together with numerous composers, musicians and other artists.
Bjørgeengen is a Norwegian visual artist and sculptor whose focus is in video arts. He has exhibited his photography, video, installation art and sculptures worldwide and operates his own video studio. Bjørgeengen has recently worked with several musicians, incorporating his flicker videos into musical performances. These simple black-and-white flicker images oscillate between shade of light and darkness, creating a harsh effect.
Rowe and Bjørgeengen have collaborated previously on electronic performance pieces, including “Composite Visions,” a performance work that was exhibited at Nameless Sound, a contemporary music studio in Houston, Texas.

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